Revamp’s panels are designed with artistic value in mind for those willing to go beyond the status quo. Each design is a committed expression of our designers’ creativity that easily complements a space or dominates one.

  • Panels are low maintenance, weather resistant and durable
  • Standard panels are cut from 1/8" thick steel, and corten (weathering steel) and 3/16" thick aluminum, steel, and corten.
  • Revamp’s panels and finishes are durable to withstand heavy use demands with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Our panels provide an easy and efficient installation alternative to other construction methods that require costly labor and time to assemble, install, and maintain
  • Like most metal products, Revamp’s products are environmentally friendly. Our panels and finishes are recyclable to provide a sensible green alternative


Revamp Panels is a solution based full-service metal design, engineering, and fabrication company. Revamp “Functional Metal Art” products are an integration of artistic design and functional performance. Our products are made-to-order and customizable to fit your project’s needs. All Revamp products begin as a flat laser-cut metal panel.  From there, our panels are fabricated into our array of functional metal products. Our customer service philosophy is total ownership of the design, engineering, and manufacturing process.

Our goal is to eliminate any “gray” area from the process. From sketch to delivery we will work and coordinate with contractors, sub-contractors, architects, designers, developers and end-users to ensure the desired product is delivered on time, every time.

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