Revamp Patterns

Since our initial offering, Revamp has added 17 new patterns including alternate and complimentary patterns to our existing panels, and original designs. We revisit and introduce new patterns periodically, always looking for cost savings that are passed on to our customers. All new patterns are inspired by an experience or by something observed. Revamp provides a balance of patterns from simple to complex, geometric to organic, thematic, safe to edgy, opaque to open, and delicate to sturdy. Each pattern variation has an application depending upon preference, budget, and requirements.

Simple: A simple pattern will not distract from other design elements. They are usually the least expensive patterns due to quick cutting times. Examples: Basketweave, Crosshatch, Wave, and Zen.


Complex: Patterns that are impactful and make a statement. They usually are more expensive due to the lengthy cut times. Our most popular pattern is Nest, which falls into this category. Examples (including alternates): Nest, Turbulence, Alphabet Soup, Tempest, and coming soon: “Ode to Keith” and “Tempest variation.”


Geometric: Patterns that are based on geometric shapes and rhythms. Examples (including alternates): Basketweave, Crosshatch, Cascade, Turbulence, Minimal, Zen, Mosaic, Syncopation, Velocity, and Labyrinth.


Organic: Patterns that are inspired by and represent nature. Our Fractured pattern is inspired by a dry lake bed. Examples (including alternates): Abstract Leaf, Fractured, Nest, Poppy Field, Wave, Blades, Tempest.


Thematic: In addition to Geometric and Organic, we offer an Educational Series of patterns. Inspired and designed for educational applications, parks/playgrounds, and technology projects. For this series Revamp designed an original font type.

Safe to Edgy: ‘Safe” and “Edgy” is a relative expression of opinion. We believe that some of our most basic patterns can be very edgy in certain design applications, material selection, and colors. The same can be stated for some of our more complicated patterns.

Opaque to Open: Depending whether you are hiding, screening, or enhancing a space, panel openness could be an important factor. Openness may be a design criterion due to equipment or code requirements. Revamp has pattern openness and weight information available here.

Delicate to sturdy: Since our work is in metals, all our patterns are sturdy. You may have an application where some of our more delicate patterns might not be appropriate for your project needs. We can always offer other alternatives, which is why we now have 2 Turbulence patterns, 3 Cascade patterns, and 2 Labyrinth patterns.


Each of the following 8 new Patterns are reflective of an experience and/or inspiration that one or all of us have encountered. Included is a brief story describing each pattern.


Blades: Revamp has received many requests for a “grass motif” organic pattern. After many attempts at generic grass drawings, we went another direction. Blades was inspired by Chinese ink wash art of bamboo leaves. 


Syncopation (Blues) (R n R): Revamp has eclectic music tastes that is piped through the office all day. We have been working on a block pattern for months and were looking for a non-repeatable sequence for the blocks and spacing. We brought together all the musicians in our firm, “everyone”, and transcribed some of our favorite melodies into the pattern. Here are two examples, one from our Blues collection and one from our Rock N’ Roll collection. If you look close you might recognize the songs.


Mosaic: This pattern request came to us via a customer. We tried all different triangle types, sizes, and layouts. We liked the proportions of an isosceles triangle that the height is double the base. The layout phase was critical to limit and hide any repeats, hopefully we accomplished our goal.


Velocity: Playing with arrows, we could not find a satisfactory pattern until we added overlapping segments and curved lines. The addition of the curves and segments took this pattern from static to motion.


Tempest: Like most of the west coast, we had a very wet cold spring. Instead of complaining, we took inspiration from the weather to create a new pattern; then we complained.

Educational Series: We were looking for patterns based on a numerical and alphabetical characters for educational applications, parks/playgrounds, and technology projects. To find a balanced pattern that could work for not only K-12 but higher ed and tech, we designed a unique font (Revamp Font) that we hope will relate to all age groups.


Equations: Using Revamp Font, we mixed together a pattern of maths and physics equations.


Alphabet Soup: Using a random formula, this pattern is a linear mix of letters using Revamp Font. 


Ode to Keith: “Coming Soon”. We have taken all our letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols characters to make a completely randomized pattern. Starting with the “A” at 45 degrees, a “d” rotated horizontally, and a “1”, this pattern evolved into a masterpiece representational of iconic art.


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