8 Reasons Why You Should Use Revamp Gates

If you’ve spent any time looking at examples of commercial and multi-family gates in use today, you’ll know that with standard use their condition deteriorates quickly. Their paint starts to peel, hinges start to bend or break, their supporting structures even bend under the stress and eventually they are rendered unusable and unsightly. Revamp’s new line of gates are designed to be the solution to these woes. Here’s 8 reasons why!


  1. Revamp’s gates utilize scalable design and are made-to-order so they can be manufactured to almost any size. This is especially useful when retrofitting or replacing old gates.
  2. We offer 9 modern designs so that your gates are not only durable, but also look great!


  1. Pair your gates with our other panel products to create consistent design throughout your developments or projects.
  2. After looking at so many beat-up and broken gates we knew that we had to make something durable. Our gates are made with 1/8” steel panels welded to heavy duty metal frames that will last for years to come.
  3. For every bent and broken gate there is another that is completely rusted through. By utilizing powder coating and continuous welding our metal surfaces are protected to provide a virtually maintenance free and durable finish able to withstand the harshest exposure to the elements.


  1. Have you ever tried painting in the rain? It doesn’t work very well. Unfortunately, project deadlines can be at the mercy of weather conditions and no one wants to hold up progress to paint a gate. Fortunately, Revamp took that into account. Our gates come powder coated in 3 different options so that, rain or shine, you can assemble your gate on time. Don’t worry, unfinished gate systems are available upon request.
  2. We don’t think you should ever have to worry about repairing or maintaining your gates. Our hinges are rated for up to 3000 lbs of load, use ball bearing pivot systems, and have a full 180°range of motion.
  3. Each gate can be fully customized to fit your needs. Along with size, color and design, we also offer options like heavy duty cane bolts and a lockable slide bar latching system to prevent unauthorized access when necessary.


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