New Product: Bike Racks

Bike season is now in full swing. A gym client approached Revamp with a request for bike racks. Their existing bike rack was purposely installed at the side of the building to hide this unappealing architectural feature. Unable to see their bikes, the Gym customers would not use the existing bike rack.  Not wanting to compromise the look of the building, our client came to us with the request to design and manufacture a bike rack that was functional without detracting from the appearance of the storefront.

Conventional tube steel and bent tube bike racks simply did not meet the design intent. The final product design solution was so well received that we decided to make bike racks available to all of our customers. Revamp bike racks are constructed from heavy-duty formed steel to provide parking and security for two bikes. The racks are manufactured using Revamp laser cut patterns and finished with a high quality powder coat.Don’t settle for function only, allow Revamp to provide function and art for your project’s bike rack needs. Scroll down to see more pictures or Click Here to purchase.






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