New White Paper, and Website Updates!

It's been a while since last updating this page. We plan to stay on more consistent schedule with blog posts in the future. As you may have noticed our website is substantially different. Although we liked the orignial design, it has been nearly 4 years since it was made and needed some chnages to stay current and modern. The biggest change (aside from look) that users will notice is the Resources page. We have decided to commit more energy to putting as much of the knowledge that we have accumilated on to our website so that you can access it without having to talk anyone. 


Right now the resources page is a little barren, but over the next few months you should expect to see more: 

  • Technical data 
  • White papers
  • Engineering information
  • Specifications
  • And details, in CAD, Sketchup and Revit formats. 


This brings me to our first new white paper: "Revamp Best Practices and Design Considerations" 


This white paper explores some basic concepts and considerations to keep in mind whenever you're working with our products. As we produce more white papers we will explore some of these concepts in further detail. For the blog, we will be doing some post mortems and analyses that will explore what has and hasn't worked. 

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