Why Revamp Enclosures are a Great Alternative to CMU

Enclosures are an important part of many commercial and residential projects. They provide relief from otherwise unsightly, but necessary, equipment and components of developments and also protect difficult to store items. Often, enclosures are a requirement of life safety to protect from dangerous or hazardous site conditions. Yet, enclosure options are limited. Revamp Panels' new line of steel enclosures aims to fill this void. Here are 7 reasons to consider using Revamp Panels Enclosures: 

  1. Durability: We construct Revamp Enclosures with heavy duty 1/8” steel panels mounted to 4” and 6” square steel posts. This results in a durable product that will stand up to the test of time. 
  2. Artistic options: "Functional Metal Art" is our motto. Just because enclosures need to be functional, typically to conceal and/or secure site equipment and utilities, does not mean these structures cannot be complimentary to your project building or landscape. It's not enough to simply have a durable, functional enclosure. So we made them look great by integrating your choice of one of our 9 pattern designs to bring an artful custom style quality to your enclosure structure. 


  1. Competitively priced: Customers don’t have to make a difficult choice when upgrading to our enclosures since they cost less than most standard CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) block enclosure systems.
  2. Ease of Installation: Unlike block enclosures that require footings and foundations, Revamp enclosures are engineered for attachment directly to a concrete slab constructed with a thickened edge. Labor consists of setting two gate posts, pouring a concrete slab, bolting together the enclosure, drilling and mounting the enclosure to the gate posts and concrete, and fastening the gates. Our system only needs 1 or 2 sub-contractors for construction versus 5 to 6 for alternative enclosure systems. This saves money, installation time, scheduling conflicts, and supervision costs. Aside from the concrete slab, installation is not impacted by weather and can be completed in less than a day. 


  1. Unlimited sizes: Due to our scalable design, Revamp Panels can provide enclosures to fit most dimensions specified. 
  2. Long-term maintenance: We engineered our heavy duty steel enclosures and gates to be low maintenance. Powder coating and primer (optional) eliminates the need for regular repainting, protects the structural integrity of the enclosure, and keeps it looking great longer. Replacing individual components of the enclosure is easy and can be accomplished by regular maintenance personnel if necessary. 
  3. Engineering and specifications: Revamp Panels can provide engineered drawings and specifications upon request. Revamp will permit use of these drawings at no cost for most applications. 

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