The Revamp Custom Process

We love being part of creative design solutions. Sometimes that means providing custom design to make your vision a reality. The Revamp custom process brings you our modern design re-imagined to meet your own unique aesthetic. About a month ago we put the finishing touches on a custom partition for Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar in downtown Spokane, WA. We’d love to use this project to show you how the Revamp custom design process works.



Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar came to us for a solution to provide privacy for their newly remodeled dining area that complimented their well-designed restaurant atmosphere. After an initial design consultation, we presented them with a concept for a double sided wall partition that provided dynamic depth, dramatic lighting, and allowed others to see into the restaurant without ruining the patron’s dining experience.



Twigs loved the concept, so we started working with their very skilled interior designers, Paint Room Studios, to evolve the initial pattern design. Wanting to stay true to their the unique character of their restaurant locations, Twigs requested that we design a proprietary pattern for them that we titled “Twigs Grove.” The creation of this pattern was the first phase of the custom design process. Revamp can provide unique, branded designs that allows your individual aesthetic character to flow throughout a space.



Working with the Twigs’ contractors, we were able to provide products that were based off of field measurements and ensured a perfect fit within their project design. With the creation of a unique pattern we were able to easily expand the scope of the project to meet their ever evolving design needs. By the end of our custom design process we had designed an additional emergency exit gate and railing panels using the same pattern. At anytime we can provide a new product that fits within the character of their existing design. 



Once the designs had been finalized we began the manufacturing process. No additional input was required from Twigs or Paint Room Studios to complete this process. With our quick lead times we were able to provide our product right when they needed it so that the restaurant could open on time. Delivery day came and we provided their rusted Cor-Ten partition, gate, and custom lighting package right to the construction site for installation.


Throughout the custom design process, Revamp controls everything that is needed to provide you with quality custom metal panels. We understand that the custom process can be daunting and time consuming, however Revamp streamlines the process to ensure that your time, and our time, is spent efficiently to provide the best value to your project. From initial consultation to manufacturing and delivery, Revamp Panels provides a complete design process to ensure that you only have to go to one place for all of your metal needs. Our designers have an intimate understanding of the construction, architectural, and interior design process so that we can work smoothly with everyone involved in your project. When you need something special, Revamp Panels is your design solution.



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