1. Why Revamp?
    Revamp provides durable functional design with artistic expression at a competitive price point. Our products are superior to traditional products both in their usability and design, while having the additional benefit of the durability of metal.


  1. How do I purchase from Revamp? 

    Please contact us for more information


  1. Does Revamp offer custom patterns?
    Yes, we can work with you at any phase of the design to create custom pattern that fits your project's needs. Revamp can create patterns from design intent, hand sketches, or CAD files. 
  2. How much do custom patterns cost?
    Custom pattern cost consists of two components: design and engineering fees, and pattern cut price. Design and engineering fees vary based on the scope of work, and the amount of design that must be done. Modifying a pattern already in CAD format to meet fabrication and engineering requirements will be less expensive than designing a pattern from hand sketches. Pattern cut price is based off the time required to cut the pattern, and its complexity. The more complex the pattern, the longer it takes to cut and the higher the price. Revamp will ensure that the design of the pattern is optimized to minimize pattern cut time. 


  1. Does Revamp provide installation?
    Revamp Panels does not provide installation services. However, we can interface with your contractor to ensure that Revamp products are installed quickly and correctly. 


  1. Can Revamp provide pricing for construction projects? 
    Yes, typical turn around time for quotes is 5 business days. Projects with larger scopes may take additional time. Contact us or visit our quote form page.
  2. Can Revamp help me with design details and/or specifications?
    Yes, Revamp can provide details, drawings, 3-D renderings, and specifications for your project. Files are available in multiple different file formats to make incorporating Revamp products into your drawings a breeze. Custom specifications can be provided for projects with unique needs. Visit our Technical Info Page or Contact us for more information.
  3. I need a sample, can Revamp provide samples specific to my project?
    Revamp can provide standard or custom samples to fit your project needs. Our standard sample is a set of two 6"x 6" panels with one Nest pattern panel in rusted 3/16" Corten steel and the other in Turbulence pattern in 3/16" aluminum with Steel Grey Pearlescent powder coat finish. If our standard sample is insufficient for your needs you may contact us for a custom sample. All custom samples come in a 24" x 24" flat panel format. Custom samples are available in all standard materials and material thicknesses. You may select one of our standard patterns for the sample or provide a custom pattern (custom pattern must be provided in DXF format). Sample finish is limited to cardinal powder coat colors or unfininshed. Typical sample lead time is 2-3 weeks. Revamp can also provide PVDF (kynar) or Powder coat finish samples to match your project needs. Finish sample lead time is 1-2 weeks.


  1. Where does Revamp ship to? 
    Revamp Panels regularly ships products across the US and Canada. For locations within North America standard Revamp shipping procedures will be followed and no special considerations are required. Anticipate additional increases to lead times for locations outside of North America. 
  2. How long will it take to receive the products I ordered?
    Our standard lead time is 6 weeks upon approval of shop drawings. Lead time may vary for projects with larger scopes. If your project is time sensitive, please contact us. There may be additional fees for expedited manufacturing and shipping.
  3. How do you deliver Revamp products?
    Revamp products are shipped in custom crates designed to prevent any damage during transportation. Most shipments are made via Freight. 
  4. What will I need to unload shipments?
    Most shipments will require a fork lift or loading dock to unload. Revamp will inform you if equipment is necessary. Truck drivers do not have the capacity to unload shipments, and shipments must be unloaded immediately upon arrival. If you do not have a fork lift or loading dock, rental equipment may be necessary. Revamp can coordinate with you to ensure that delivery occurs on the same day as your equipment rental. 
  5. What do I do if my product arrived damaged?
    Immediately inspect your order upon delivery and make note of any damage prior to signing off on the shipment. If there is damage please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

  6. Can Revamp hold my order for delivery at a later date?
    No, Revamp will ship orders on their agreed upon date. Special considerations may be applied on a case by case basis, but holding shipments will result in storage fees. 

  7. How much do Revamp products weigh?
    Please visit our technical information page to view weight and openness data. 


  1. How durable is powder coating finish?
    Powder coating is a high-quality finish. It is incredibly durable and is resistant to impact, ultra-violet light, moisture, chemicals and other extreme conditions. Powder coating is available in a wide array of colors and textures, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to other finish methods.
  2. What is PVDF finish?
    PVDF is a chemical resistant and flame resistant thermoplastic fluoropolymer. 70% PVDF resin-based architectural coatings provide exceptional long-lasting performance against extreme weather exposure. These coatings are commonly sold under a variety of brand names including Kynar, Trinar, Duranar, and Fluropon. Select from a wide range of colors, including color match options. Extended manufacturer warranties are available upon request. Meets AAMA 2605 specification. PVDF coatings are only available for aluminum products.
  3. What is corten?
    Corten is a “weathering steel” that produces a rust patina that eliminates the need for painting and protects the steel from additional corrosion.
  4. Are Revamp products eco-friendly?
    Revamp metal panels are inherently green. Powder coating finishes are eco-friendly and do not impact the recyclability of our finished panel. Our products are durable and recyclable offering a sustainable solution to your design needs.
  5. How do I clean Revamp products?
    Our finishes are very durable, but not indestructible. Avoid use of abrasives or harsh chemicals. Typically, a mild solution of soap and water is all that is necessary to properly clean. However! Do Not Clean corten panels as any sort of abrasion or solvent will strip the panel of its weathered finish!
  6. Is there a size limitation to the panels?
    Standard panel sizes are limited to a maximum of 48" x 96", but oversized panels can be cut. Panels larger than 48" x 96" will cost more due to limited material availability.  
  7. What Powder Coat colors are offered and can I get a custom color?
    Revamp Panels offers 12 standard color options, or you can contact us for information on custom colors. We offer the following Cardinal Paints for standard powder coating:  
  • Hi-Reflective White T009-WH12 90% Gloss
  • Yellow T009-YL01 90% Gloss
  • International Orange T009-OG26 90% Gloss
  • Red T009-RD03 90% Gloss
  • Blue T009-BL01 90% Gloss
  • Green C006-GN03 60% Gloss
  • ANSI #61 Gray P004-GR16 40% Gloss
  • Bronze P004-BR23 40% Gloss
  • Black #27038 T002-BK08 20% Gloss
  • Designer Beige T009-BG16 90% Gloss
  • Silver Hammertone T064-GR05 Semi-Gloss
  • Steel Gray Pearlescent T028-GR02 80% Gloss
  1. What PVDF colors are offered?
    Revamp can supply the colors offered by most PVDF vendors (AkzoNobel, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, PPG etc.) or color match to a specific sample or color system (pantone, RAL). Color matching is offered at no additional charge and only available for PVDF finishes.
  2. Are metal panels perfectly flat and straight?
    In some cases, no. The production of the sheet metal used for the manufacturing of our panels comes from rolls of Aluminum or Steel. The sheet material retains characteristics of the original rolled form that can create a slight bowed deformation in the finished panels. Revamp Panels has endeavored to remove as much of the bow as possible during manufacturing and is in the process of providing a framed edge option that will further minimizes this effect. Flat panels and larger panels have a more noticeable bow than our other products. Revamp Panels recommends that flat panels only be used for installations that provide multiple attachments on all four sides or will be attached to a frame.