Revamp Panels provide a wide range of metal panels laser cut to ensure the highest quality. The technology used enables us to provide our products at a lower price point with shorter lead times than similar custom metal panels. 


Revamp's decorative metal panels are available in multiple patterns, and unlimited custom designs. Our uniquely modern designs can be used for virtually anything from architectural features to privacy screening to railing systems. For a complete list of products visit the Products page.

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Note: Panels may have a slight bow, we strongly recommend that the customer use attachments on all four sides or provide a framework, for more information visit the FAQ's







These computer generated colors are only close approximations of how the colors will appear in real life. You also need to take into consideration that different powder coatings will have variable levels of gloss and in the case of hammertone colors, will have a dimpled texture and multiple tones. 

We use Cardinal Paints for our powder coats, for more information regarding each color please refer to the 4 digit code and it's corresponding color & the last 4 digit code on Cardinal's Website