New Safety Patterns

Gates, glass screens, perforated screens, and solid panels all have their use in decorative safety applications. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you’re concerned about children climbing or sticking arms and legs through openings gates don’t offer much. Solid panels prevent climbing, but they block out light and obscure view. Perforated panels and glass screens both prevent climbing and allow you to see through to the other side but can be boring and lack artistic flair.

                In an attempt to satisfy safety, security, and other code requirements, while maintaining the patterns that make our products unique, we have developed a new pattern. Revamp security patterns prevents climbing, provides transparency, and retains Revamp’s characteristic Functional Metal Art. We have created four unique patterns with standard ¾-inch and 3/8-inch perforations that can be applied to any standard or custom pattern.


                Revamp security patterns can be used in area applications where child safety is a concern, to prevent reach through for security gates, where jurisdictions have ladder-effect restriction in building codes, or just because you like the look. These safety panels can be used in any gate, railing and guardrail, enclosure, and screening products. Panels are available in aluminum, corten, and steel, either unfinished, powder coated, PVDF*, or anodized* to suit any project needs.  


*PVDF and anodized only available for aluminum panels



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