Structural Posts and Beams

Mixed-use Designers and Developers have been sending Revamp requests for pergola, arbor, covered enclosures and canopy systems. Unhappy with the existing choices of structural wood and steel I and C channel systems, Revamp was tasked with artistically enhancing the existing designs. Our first designs initially incorporated panels and post wraps mounted to the existing structural systems.


In an attempt to stay true to Revamp's philosophy of creating “Functional Metal Art”. We revisited the existing systems and discovered a way to incorporate our patterns into the structural components, eliminating the need to add panels and wraps. 


Revamp structural  ¼” steel posts and beams are designed and engineered to provide an artistic option for comparable structural components and can be combined for complete systems. Our corner and inline posts are available in standard 8’, 10’, and 12’ lengths, our beams are available in 8’ and 10’ lengths. But like all Revamp products these sizes can be customized. Our systems are engineered for 50 per square foot load with a seismic rating of (D) when erected with Revamp Knee Bracing, Brackets, and Hardware. Revamp finishes all components with a 2-part powder coating system except for the stainless-steel hardware. The post and beams can accommodate most of our existing patterns or your own custom patterns.







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