Two New Standard Product Systems

In our ongoing effort to make as much information available to you online we have put together two new standard product systems for download. 

  • Revamp Standard Enclosure System
  • Revamp Standard Garage Screen Panel System

Each package includes specifications, DWG files, DXF files, details, and assembly exhibits. We have been providing our standard enclosure package on request for some time now, but the standard garage screen panels system is a new product. 


To download these standard product systems please click here.


The garage screen panel system is based on our formed panels and posts. The formed posts allow for quick installation in an opening with attachment to both footer and header. For added flexibility the posts are adjustable in height. Formed panels mechanically fasten to the posts, allowing for quick, modular installation of the screening system. Typically used for infill screening in parking garage structures, these assemblies are versatile and easily adaptable for applications where floor to ceiling screening is desired. For questions regarding our standard systems, or something more customized to your project, please reach out and contact us!


Below are examples of the garage screen system: 





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